Thursday, November 12, 2009

What a Day

Thursday is always a crazy day for me. My step mom is an interior designer with a custom drape and bedding work room. On Thursday I help her with installation, and it is really hard work. She does beautiful things!!! I love seeing these beautiful million dollar homes. I am not made for physical manly labor. Today started off with pretentious men and ended with picky women. It is defiantly high maintenance work, but it is only for now. I am very grateful to have a job.

Needles to say, I did not get to test out my email posting from my phone. I saw some blog post apps on the Iphone app store. Does anybody have any suggestions? Use one or not? If you use an app, which one is good? I will be trying the email out soon just to test it.

Tomorrow I am taking my 12 year old sister to see Jason Aldean. She is a HUGE fan. I like him ok. I do actually know a few of his songs and like them. I am more excited about dressing up in cowboy boots and jeans. And my step mom bought us these cute straw cowboy hats. I love theme nights. There will be pictures of my get up and the concert.

Well I guess I am going to get some sleep. The next few days will be very busy. Our gift shop is having our Christmas open house Saturday. Going to spend tomorrow getting ready.

transparent signiture

PS...My intentions on writing this blog was to vent about how bad the pretentious client upset me, but after I started I
decided it was not worth it. So you got some randomness on my schedule. :)

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Peterson Family said...

Can't wait to see your "cowgirl" pics!