Monday, October 24, 2011

Unknown Friends

I am a lover of social media. 
I was a myspace junkie, then facebook, and now twitter. 
My twitter started out as an experiment. (more on that in another post)
Then twitter quickly became a place for me to follow blogger chicks, 
and that is when I fell in love. 
I love reading blogs, and I love reading twitter even more. 
I got to know more about you lovely ladies. I felt like we became friends. 
I even like twitter more than facebook, and most of my followers are unknown. 
That fact is something that cause some reflection on my part. 
It is not like I am on twitter to be a different person than facebook. 
I am the same person in both places. 
I like my twitter/blogger friends because we have things in common. 
That is why I follow your blogs. 
I love you ladies. 
I love to catch up on twitter several times a day 
to hear about what is going on with you. 
I miss y'all when I can't log in. 
I love hearing about your babies, husbands, and boyfriends. 
I often reference you in conversation. 
I get so excited when we get a chance to talk. 
It is a really strange thing for me. 
I have to admit that I once was the girl
 that thought meeting internet friends was weird. 
Not any more. 
You ladies will never know how much you mean to me. 
Thank you for being there in the good times, the bad times, and the times I have nothing to say.

*I feel like I need to add a little dedication to my loves. 
Sonya, Patricia, Sonja, Sierra, Kerbi,
Star, and Ashley Paige
Just to name a few. 
There are new blogs/twitters that I follow and I hope that we become fast friends. 

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Life- A balancing act

It seems that my life gets so un balanced so fast. Balance is what I've been working on this year. As soon as I feel I am making progress in one area another area gets out of control. Then when I think I have gotten all areas manageable I add 10 more things to my list to do each week. Which means the balance I was starting to achieve is gone. I then have to reorganize and prioritize. When this happens I lose time for the things in life that bring me joy like blogging, reading, and lazy movie days. Balance is what I struggle with and what I strive for. My present obligations will be done in December. So it is looking like balance will be a continuing theme for 2012.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Off Kilter

Have you ever felt like you were missing something?
Like something just isn't right, but everything appears to be going ok.
It is a crazy feeling.
And I am totally feeling it right now.
It is hard to wrap my head around.
Every thing is going pretty good.
I have spent time with my family, I've got great friends,
and work is not too stressful at the moment.
Yet I kilter.*
Off kilter means out of balance.
That is exactly what I am feeling, but it seems that things are going good.
What needs some attention?
Doesn't take me long to answer that....
My relationship with God.
I am busy doing all these things for Him,
ie 3 life groups and an extra Sunday morning service,
but I am not spending any quality time with Him.
I just solved my own problem.
Thanks for listening.

*Imagine me blogging wanting some feed back from you.
When I stopped in the middle of the post to look up the phrase off kilter
the purpose of the post changed. I answered my own question.
It feels more like something I would write in my journal, but since
I already typed it I thought I'd share. It is just a little glimpse into my
thought process and how I work things out.