Sunday, January 13, 2013

Where is the Sun?

Sometimes my mind sees things so simply. 
For instance, when it is cloudy and there is no trace of the sun
I think that the sun and blue sky have gone away, 
as if they were over some other place far away. 
I forget that the sun is actually right behind those dark rainy clouds. 
There has been a lot of gray skies in my part of the world lately. 
There was finally a break in the clouds and, to my surprise,
there was the bright sunshine and blue sky. 

It made me think about hard times in each of our lives. 
I know that there are times that I wonder 
if God is paying attention to me or is he paying attention to someone else? 
Seeing the sun peak out from behind the clouds made me realize, 
He is always there. 
Even when it looks dark and it is not apparent that he is there
He is. 
He always is. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Confident Heart

Chapter 1

I am really excited to be doing an online Bible study. 
For 1 reason it is new and fun and I can meet new bloggers. 
2 the book is just what I need to be reading. 
Recently I have become aware that, 
even at 30, I am driven by insecurity. 
I pray that God shines light on the confidence He has planned for us.