Monday, January 23, 2012

Should I Wait or Should I Go?

In life there are people that are planners,
 they have an itinerary with everything scheduled to the minute.
Then there are people that are completely spontaneous,
 they don't know what they are doing till they are doing it. depends on the day, 
but for the most part I would say I am somewhere in the middle. 
Some things I can do on a whim. Others need time and careful planning. 
When it comes to my life, it never fails, I would die to see the plan. 
I wish I knew how many times I prayed "God show me your way" or some form of that?
I would bet it is A LOT!!! 
I always ask for God's direction (which is a good thing),
 but then I sit around waiting for him to send me the play by play. 
News flash girly!!!!!
God doesn't work that way!!!!!
If he did there would be no need for faith. 
What is relationship with God with no faith?
I have recently been in a "wait" phase. 
I am waiting on God to show me what His plan is so I can start doing it. 
Last week God asked me "What are you waiting for?"
Wow!!!! Huh???
What I wanted to say was, "YOU!"
I spent the week rolling that question around in my brain. 
Tonight I heard Him say"GO. Do not WAIT!!!"
*Matthew 28:19 Therefore GO and make disciples of all nations. *
He has called me to live my faith out, take up my cross, and die daily to self. 
I have faith that He has a plan for me, 
and I trust Him so I don't have to see....
I have to GO!!!!

Monday, January 9, 2012


As a Louisiana girl I was born and raised on LSU football. Proud of our boys this year. Let's Geaux Tigers!!!

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Lazy Saturday

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

While I'm Waiting

At 29 and single I get "those questions" all the time:
Are you dating in body?
When are you going to get married?
When are you going to get out there and put your self on the market?
Don't you want to be married and have a family?
I usually try to brush it off with a funny comment,
but this area of my life is being lived out on purpose. 
I do want to get married and have a family. 
If you know me very well, you know that is probably my biggest dream
......wife and mommy. 
I have dated. I have loved. I have hurt people I loved. 
When I turned around my life I knew that my love life had to be in God's hands.
I could no longer do things my way. 
I have not been on a date in 3 1/2 years.
When I tell people that I get strange looks and stranger comments. 
I get it...I am not doing this the normal way.
I am waiting.
I am waiting on God.
Waiting on him to me my match maker. 
Is it hard?
I am human, a girl, and 29. Of course it is hard. 
But I surrendered and I put my trust and faith 
in a God that loves me and wants to give me the desires of my heart. 
I was listening to this song today, and it brought tears to my eyes. 
It is exactly how I feel. 
"While I am waiting I will serve you."
No matter what...guy or no guy/kids or no kids.....I will serve HIM!!!!

**Check out this link to hear the song it is awesome!!!

Grown Up Problems

As I attempt to wash the ink off of my hand from my finger puppets
I began to ponder some deep life questions.....
Am I really going to be 30 this year?
Finger puppets & 30 do not go together!!!!
How in the world can I be 29?????
I cannot make up my mind: am I a grown up or a child?
Because I am a grown up do I not get to act silly?
Bottom line.....I will be 30 in May and I act like a child. 

The Happy Fingers!!!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

No Christmas Sads

I am feeling the post holiday emotional turmoil. 
I don't know that I have actually ever experienced this, but that is what I am calling it. 
I am in a state of funk.
 I am a very emotional person and am use to a roll-a-coster ride. 
Every once in a while I experience emotional turmoil that I cannot explain.
Which means that I am sad, cranky, and anxious but cannot find a cause.
So I guess I will walk around in a funk for a few days
 until whatever is going on inside works itself out. 

PS: I think what is going on is that I have 5 days off work and a lot of down time. 
I think I need some work and human interaction. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Cottage...Bathroom Addition

I have lived in my house for 1 1/2 years 
and have been putting off showing pictures until it is completely done. 
Well since that is a slow process to get to my standard of perfection,
 I will show you as is. 
So without further a due....

Small but I love it.

 Theme: Fashion

Colors: Brown, purple, green, and grayish silver

The only thing that I really want to change in here is window dressings. 

Similar to this that my Step Mom designed and made 
in here custom drapery and bedding work room.
She is an interior designer/decorator with great taste.

Hope you enjoyed the start of the tour.
As party of preparing for a new year I am deep cleaning each room.
So as they are cleaned up I will post them for you. 

Monday, January 2, 2012

The Fruit

My #1 goal for 2012 is my relationship with God.
I have spent some time thinking about how I could work toward more intimacy with Him. 
I know of course spending time in His word, prayer, with His people, and quiet time with Him are great places to start, but the therapist in my needs measurable goals. 
So I went to His word for guidance. 
Jesus said in Matthew 7:16 that people would be recognized by their fruits. 
I want people to know that I am in love with my Savior. 
I want it to be obvious by the way I live my life. 
I want my fruits to be abundant and unmistakable. 
In Galatians 5:22 & 23 Paul told us that the fruits of the Spirit are:
Love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control. 
So the more I spend time with God and walk in His will the more fruits I will have. 
My prayer is that You and everyone I come in contact with will know me by my fruits. 

Sunday, January 1, 2012


It is finally here!!!!!
I can't not believe it is 2012.
This means that I have been out of high school for 12 years.
It has been 6 years since I finished my under grad. 
AND I will be 30 this year. 
Where did the time go? 

I KNOW that 2012 is going to be GREAT!!!!!
I can feel it. 

Last year my goal was to work toward BALANCE.
I am going to keep working toward that. 
In 2012 I will work toward 12 things to make my life better:

1. Spend more time with God
2. Take and pass my LPC test
3. Read More
4. Write More
5. Blog More (I hope you are all excited about this)
6. Get 100% settled in my house 
(I have ONLY been here 1 1/2 years--can we say procrastinator)
7. Be healthier 
8. Save more money 
9. LOVE more
10. Create 
11. Stop being so hard on myself
12. Have LOTS more FUN!!!

I cannot wait to hear what your New Year's Goals are. 
Happy 2012!!!!