Monday, January 23, 2012

Should I Wait or Should I Go?

In life there are people that are planners,
 they have an itinerary with everything scheduled to the minute.
Then there are people that are completely spontaneous,
 they don't know what they are doing till they are doing it. depends on the day, 
but for the most part I would say I am somewhere in the middle. 
Some things I can do on a whim. Others need time and careful planning. 
When it comes to my life, it never fails, I would die to see the plan. 
I wish I knew how many times I prayed "God show me your way" or some form of that?
I would bet it is A LOT!!! 
I always ask for God's direction (which is a good thing),
 but then I sit around waiting for him to send me the play by play. 
News flash girly!!!!!
God doesn't work that way!!!!!
If he did there would be no need for faith. 
What is relationship with God with no faith?
I have recently been in a "wait" phase. 
I am waiting on God to show me what His plan is so I can start doing it. 
Last week God asked me "What are you waiting for?"
Wow!!!! Huh???
What I wanted to say was, "YOU!"
I spent the week rolling that question around in my brain. 
Tonight I heard Him say"GO. Do not WAIT!!!"
*Matthew 28:19 Therefore GO and make disciples of all nations. *
He has called me to live my faith out, take up my cross, and die daily to self. 
I have faith that He has a plan for me, 
and I trust Him so I don't have to see....
I have to GO!!!!

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