Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Tonight I went to a small group that I have been going to for a few months. 
Tonight it was a little bit later and at a different home.
As I drove there I realized that I had driven this road before. 
(In actuality I drive this road daily but go with me.)
One of the houses I frequented when I was using
 is across the street from the home of my new friends. 
It almost brought me to tears thinking of how much my life has changed. 
And it would not have changed without Jesus. 
Almost 5 years after walking away from that life, 
I continue to be in awe of what Jesus has done for me. 
I wish that I could tell everybody. 
I did nothing to deserve this life. 
I am no more important than anyone else. 
He wants to change all of our lives in crazy ways. 
That is who He is. 
He loves you just as much as He loves me. 
He saved me so that I could tell others. 
I want you to know that you are loved. 
You are prayed for. 
There is a love that you have never imagined. 
There is freedom and peace that I cannot explain. 

When I started this post I planned it going in a different way. 
Somewhere along the way it took a form of it's on. 
Happy Valentine's Day.