Monday, October 26, 2015

What Kind of Person Are You

This morning driving to work I listened to an interesting topic on a popular morning show. They were questioning how do you tell if someone is a good person?

Of course, they had all the standard answers: are they kind, how do they spend their free time, ECT; but there was one suggestion that stood out to me. One host said, “You can judge a person by the company they keep.” 


Stop and think about it for a minute. 


Our friends and family are a reflection of who we are. 


As I stopped to process this I thought about the people I spend my time with. I have a whole slew of friends, a loving family, and an amazing boyfriend. Each and every one of these people brings so much joy to my life. I am truly blessed to be living life with them. They are amazing. 


I won’t jump to the conclusion and say that I’m amazing. I’ll let you figure that out for yourself. But I will challenge you to take a look at the people you surround yourself with – are they projecting a good image of you? Is that projection who you are or who you desire to be? Take a good look at yourself. Are you the kind of friend that projects the good in others? Are you one of those first rate friends? When people see you, do they see you as a good person?

Monday, August 3, 2015

Queen B Boutique

I am excited to announce that I am now part owner of Queen B Boutique, an online fashion experience for the full figure fashionista.  After years of dreaming it is finally happening, and to make things better my business partner is my all time partner in crime….my sister. We are so excited to share our love for fashion with you. 

We both have had a love for fashion throughout our lives. Sometimes we wanted to be trendy and sometimes we wanted to stand out. Well there was really only one of us that ever wanted to stand out….picture Jnco pants and a seat belt buckle worn as a belt. I have always had expensive taste. Valerie has always been frugal. My taste left me with a closet with only a few cute things while hers was over flowing with style. Over the years I have learned from her how to be fashionable on a budget.

One thing that I have struggled with throughout my life is that I have a figure that is not considered “average.” Having these extra curves has always made it hard for me to find clothes that are not only cute but also flattering. It has been a long and frustrating struggle. As my figure has changed with getting older the struggle has gotten worse. There aren’t many options for us full figured girls. So after years of searching (and probably a little whining on my part) Queen B was born. It has been such a blessing already and we are so excited to share our love with you. So tell your friends to stop by and check us out!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hope Perspective

I was having a conversation with a new friend yesterday and I had the chance to talk about my addiction. As I tell everyone, addicts are not my favorite population to work with as a counselor. My friend asked me a simple question, “Why?” I didn’t have a good answer at the time so naturally I have been turning it over it in my head, and I think I may have come up with an answer, other than the fact that addicts are really hard to work with!  I don’t like to approach addiction from a counseling perspective because I don’t understand it from that perspective. I understand from the perspective of the addict. I understand that while in the midst of the hurt and pain and destruction counseling doesn’t always work. It is hard to connect to a counselor and it’s hard to be honest with a counselor. You aren’t honest with yourself much less others.  I didn’t break through the chains of addiction with counseling. I did it with the help of people that loved me and refused to give up on me, with people that loved me through their boundaries, and with realizing that I couldn’t do it at all without God. Those things were the key to me breaking free. I wish I could bottle up and give away what I have been so freely given, but I can’t. I can give away what I have learned. I can share it all, from pain to freedom.  I have so many other experiences that have helped make me a good counselor. My addiction has helped me be an example and bring hope.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

2015's Big News

For weeks I have been trying to think of a cute and catchy way to tell the world of my big 2015 news, but I’ve got nothing. So here goes............................. I am coming home!!!!!!!!
That’s right I am coming back north, and I am excited!!!! Don’t get me wrong I really like living in Baton Rouge, but through a series of unforeseen events I have the opportunity to come home. I have learned a lot over the past few months. The most important thing I have learn is how many awesome people I have in my life. Of course I could get new people, but I don’t want new people. I want my people. So I am coming home. 

Port City holds so much more for me than just my people (although my people are good enough). Port City is the key to so many big things. Some of them are not much more than just a dream. The big thing that I am most excited about is a little adventure that I am embarking on with my life long best friend (aka my sister). We are going into business. There is a trendy online boutique coming to an Internet near you!!!!!! We cannot wait!!!! This is all happening really soon. Before you know it I will be home and a business partner! I cannot wait to see all of my Port City friends. I'll be home soon. 

Sunday, February 1, 2015


2014…… Wow what a year.
It was a year of great changes and unexpected out comes.

I moved……twice. The last time was to a new town over 200 miles from home.
I was a mom and expecting grandmother for 3 weeks. I had 2 health scares. I had a roommate, loved having a roommate, and moved away from my roommate.
I officially became an LPC. I loved being an aunt and enjoyed watching Tayton go from a cuddly baby to an adventurous toddler. I had a major career change, left an amazing job for another great job, moved for this job only to find out 2 months in the job would not last past 2015.....hopefully late 2015 but maybe early.

I laughed, I cried, I fought hard, I gave up, and fought hard again. I loved, I hoped, I dreamed, I took risk, I made mistakes, I apologized, and I grew.
I made plans. I had goals and expectations and those goals and expectations changed every single time.

 The train of my life jumped the tracks and forged a path all on its own. It was a good year with trying times. I drew close to God and pushed Him away. I was angry but grateful, satisfied but longed for more, obedient and rebellious. 2104 was important….will always be important. I changed, grew, and adapted because I had to. I kept going, I didn’t give up (for long), and I finished big.

2014 thank you for the ride.
2015 let’s see how you roll.