Thursday, March 2, 2017


This new year with my new role in life I have found myself focused more on setting goals and defining my dreams. Too much surprise (maybe not that much surprise) I have found myself in the proverbial trap of self-doubt. It is easy for me to write down my dreams and really define them. I can even set up a plan on how to start down the road to dream fulfillment. But every time I make progress and feel energized I am filled with all the reasons why this just won’t work out for me. There is past failure, mediocre talent, limited funds, saturated markets, and on and on and on. I have had all the good talks with myself about taking a chance and getting out of the comfort zone. As good as may (or may not) be as a therapist I can’t motivate myself with just words. (If I could there would be a lot of things different going on in my life right now---but I digress) I do think that at this point in my life I have things that will help me live out my dreams. I have family and friends that are loving and supportive of me in whatever adventure I want to go on. I have a faith that has seen me through some very hard times and has made me stronger and braver than I have ever been. I have a husband that tells me every day that I am amazing, beautiful, and sweet. With all the good I have I have the courage that I haven’t had before. Perhaps my dreams were made for such a time as this.  We shall see. Stay tuned……..