Saturday, February 16, 2008

Here I am once again

On the road that has no end

The sights are different everytime

but a new destination will never be mine

I hope and I pray with all of my might

that my course will change and spare my life

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Have you ever noticed the things that people do that completely represent who they are? You know the little things that seem to project their personality and tell you exactly who they are.

For example, one of my bff's for the last ten years obseivly loves the color orange, has no clue (or care) about how loud she is, has the worest memory, is a self proclaimed hippy, and loves garage sale stuff. Now I will be the first to admit that sometimes all her stuff can be overbearing, but without them she wouldn't be her. These are the things that I love about her.

But each trait individually is insignificiant. I mean tons of people like orange. It is all the little things combined together that make up who she is or her ness. That is what i like to call it, her Amandaness (her name is Amanda).

I bet that you would have to think real hard to come up with some things that are unique to you. Hell I bet lots of people out there that don't even know one thing that they do that is just a part of who they are. I love looking for the ness in people that I am around. It is amazing what you can learn about people when you start identifying their ness. I also like looking for my ness. Sometimes it is a little hard, but it is real fun to ask friends and family what they think your ness is.

So my challenge to you and to myself is to look for your ness and find out who you are.