Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hidden God

Scrolling through Twitter yesterday I saw a tweet 
that was referencing 
the school shooting in Newtown. 
It was to Dave Ramsey, 
a well known Christian finance guy. 
The tweet said, "Where is your God now?" 
Dave had a great answer that spoke no words of hate. 
The question made me sad, 
but I realized that there are probably 
tons of people asking that same question.
"Where was God?"

I have no doubt
 that God was right where He was suppose to be.
I believe that He was there in the school. 
I believe He was in the classrooms and hallways. 
I believe that He spoke courage to the hearts of the teachers, 
and wrapped love around those sweet babies. 
I also believe He was with those that were lost. 
I believe He was there to welcome them home. 
I believe that He took them all in His arms 
and led them out of harms way. 
Where He took them they will have no more hurt or tears. 
They will forever be in the presence of Jesus. 

Some people believe that tragic events like this prove there is no God. 
I think that it proves the exact opposite. 
I believe it shows that we are all searching for something bigger than us;
something to guide and protect us. 
I know that God can use anything for His glory. 
I do not understand why this happened to these people. 
I cannot see the big picture, 
but I trust in my God. 
I trust that He has a plan. 
I trust that He will never leave those that love Him. 
God promised us that we would have hard times, 
but He also promised that He would be there through it all. 
So in hard times I turn to Him. 
I pray for His love and peace be with those that have lost so much. 
I pray that through this lives are changed. 
I pray that we learn that hate will not heal our wounds.
I pray that there is love sparked in our hearts for our brothers and sisters.

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Sunday, December 9, 2012


My last few weekends have been great. 
They have been full of family, friends, and food.
I have been to 2 very important high school foot ball games, 
and 1 fantastic wedding. 
I have visited with family and ran into old friends. 
For about 3 weeks I have not stopped. 
I have had a great time,
but I am pooped. 
I slept almost all day. 
I have not spoken to anyone. 
I just laid around and rested. 
And it has been fantastic. 
It just reminds me how important it is to rest. 
I mean think about it,
Even Jesus retreated to the mountains.