Saturday, February 14, 2015

2015's Big News

For weeks I have been trying to think of a cute and catchy way to tell the world of my big 2015 news, but I’ve got nothing. So here goes............................. I am coming home!!!!!!!!
That’s right I am coming back north, and I am excited!!!! Don’t get me wrong I really like living in Baton Rouge, but through a series of unforeseen events I have the opportunity to come home. I have learned a lot over the past few months. The most important thing I have learn is how many awesome people I have in my life. Of course I could get new people, but I don’t want new people. I want my people. So I am coming home. 

Port City holds so much more for me than just my people (although my people are good enough). Port City is the key to so many big things. Some of them are not much more than just a dream. The big thing that I am most excited about is a little adventure that I am embarking on with my life long best friend (aka my sister). We are going into business. There is a trendy online boutique coming to an Internet near you!!!!!! We cannot wait!!!! This is all happening really soon. Before you know it I will be home and a business partner! I cannot wait to see all of my Port City friends. I'll be home soon. 

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