Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Off Kilter

Have you ever felt like you were missing something?
Like something just isn't right, but everything appears to be going ok.
It is a crazy feeling.
And I am totally feeling it right now.
It is hard to wrap my head around.
Every thing is going pretty good.
I have spent time with my family, I've got great friends,
and work is not too stressful at the moment.
Yet I kilter.*
Off kilter means out of balance.
That is exactly what I am feeling, but it seems that things are going good.
What needs some attention?
Doesn't take me long to answer that....
My relationship with God.
I am busy doing all these things for Him,
ie 3 life groups and an extra Sunday morning service,
but I am not spending any quality time with Him.
I just solved my own problem.
Thanks for listening.

*Imagine me blogging wanting some feed back from you.
When I stopped in the middle of the post to look up the phrase off kilter
the purpose of the post changed. I answered my own question.
It feels more like something I would write in my journal, but since
I already typed it I thought I'd share. It is just a little glimpse into my
thought process and how I work things out.

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