Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Flat Gigi

Have you ever heard of Flat Stanley? Well I haven't until recently. He is a book character in the 60's I think that was flattened and got the experience to travel around the world through the mail and have flat adventures. Check out his full story. In the 90's a teacher decided to make Flat Stanley a school project. The kids would make a Flat Stanley, journal about his adventures,  and I believe they would then send him to another school for more adventures becoming pen pals with Flat's new caretaker. Cool huh? Well Sheila Walsh, a fabulous Women of Faith speaker, took Flat Stanley on tour with her. I follow her on Twitter and she tweeted their adventures. It was so fun. (This is how I was introduced to Flat)
Not only is Sheila a WOF speaker, but she is also an author. One of her book series is about Gigi, God's Little Princess
Well Sheila has done something amazing. She has challenged people and provided a Flat Gigi. PERFECT!!! So this 27 year old princess has got her a Flat Gigi.

I can't wait to share her adventures with you!

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