Thursday, November 12, 2009

I am so Thankful for my sister!!!!


I am so thankful to have a sister that is as awesome as Valerie. (That's her on the right, drinking my Diet Coke)

She is 4 years younger than me, but she is like my protective big sister. She is also my mother's
mini me. So I like to call her little Mama or Linda Jr.

We are opposite as night and day, but we share a lot of things in common. We are a good 
combination. We played well together as kids. Well we still play well together today. She was the best college roommate I ever had. Now she is one of the best friends I have ever had. I think I
am most comfortable being around her. I also am the most silly around her.

I cherish her very much. She almost died when she was 2 and I was 6. It was the scariest
moment of my life. I still remember the day vividly--even though I was only 6. It has made me
thankful for her forever.

It is also nice to share memories with someone. Our parents are divorced and remarried, so
sometimes it feels like my memories don't fit anywhere. When I am with her I know that those
memories belong there. She is in all my happiest child hood moments, and I hope she is most of my adult ones to.

I love you Val!!!!!

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