Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thanks Among Frustration

New girlfriend is still stalking me on Facebook. I am going to have to block her. This is getting ridiculous. I am a person that wants to reach people not block them. I don't even know how to block people. (If you know I need some instruction) I do not see any need for her to continue this. It is making me avoid Facebook, and I just can't have that. HELP!!!!

OK that is my complaining today. Now on to something more exciting. My thankful list:

I am a partner (aka member) of an awesome church that is doing AMAZING things for God and His people. The Simple Church is just great!!!!! It is fairly young. We just celebrated our 2nd birthday, and we are reaching about 2500 people each Sunday with 5 services. You want to know what is cool? It all takes place in the movie theater. We are all about meeting the people where they are. Our motto is Love God, Love people. Justin (our preacher) is awesome. We have a lot of fun. If you need a PICK ME UP you can even watch the service online. Come on and click it...you will be happy you did.

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