Monday, November 16, 2009

Letter to New Girlfriend

Dear New Girlfriend,

     I have been broken up with boy for almost 2 years now. I have loved and lost since then. I am not so immature and selfish that I would not want him to be happy. After all we have managed to maintain some form of  friendship. I don't know you so no you dating him will not affect the way I feel about you. I have no feelings about you at all. I don't know you!!!!!! You said you would have never dated him if you had realized I was his ex. Why? I do not have "dibs" on him forever. Breaking up cut all my ties with him. I don't know what made you friend request me on Facebook. I am not going to accept it. You don't know me. (Have you realized yet that we do not know each other?) You have now sent me several messages which I have found awkward and unwanted. I think that it is time for us as girlfriends-new and old-to end our relationship. Please don't contact me.


1 comment:

Suburban Princess said...

Block her! She is looking for drama!