Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Running on Empty


For the last couple of weeks The Simple Church (my church....that I love sooooo much) has been
doing a series on being Empty. It is a really great series. We are talking about being empty
physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

At the start of the series I was feeling great. I thought to my self, "I am feeling pretty full right now,
but this is all really good information to remember for the future." Well 4 weeks in, with at least 2
weeks to go, I am physically EMPTY.

I have been really busy for the last few weeks and weekends. I looked over my calendar last 
night and I am pretty busy from now to Christmas. Oh joy. Actually I love being busy. It makes me fell alive.

I rationalize and say if I have to be empty being physically empty is what I would want to be. My 
fear is that being physically empty will soon start to affect other areas of my well being. (I am
smart enough to know that is how it happens) So I am going to be looking over my agenda today to see if I can schedule some time for a little R and R.

Until the whole world hears,


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