Tuesday, December 1, 2009

All I want for Christmas

I am so glad it is Christmas time. It is my favorite time of year. I love the cold weather, the end of a year, the family & friends, general happiness in the air. I love that this time of year was born out of celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior. I love to think of Jesus as an infant, so sweet and innocent. I bet he was a good baby. I love the magic of this time of year--Santa, elfs, reindeer, and snowmen. The movies are all about imagination and make-believe. I love IMAGINATION and MAKE-BELIEVE. I still read Harry Potter, watch cartoons, and color. It is just part of who I am. This time of the year makes me remember when life was innocent and non-complicated. Those were the days. So here is to the Christmas season.

The older I get the harder it is come up with a "Christmas list" for my families. It was so easy when I was younger. I usually ask for things I need, but since I moved back home I don't need that much. So here are just a few things I came up with.

The Soloist Pictures, Images and Photos
I love this movie. So powerful to me.

Sex and the City: The Movie Pictures, Images and Photos
Another movie I love. (Minus the sex)

goblet Pictures, Images and Photos
The next in the series for me.

From Drop Box

Love these boots.
That's it. So what is on your Christmas list?

transparent signiture


Courtney said...

you'll just love GoF :) Hope you get it for Christmas. Cute blog btw!

Elizabeth said...

I like ot make a christmas list, but at the end of the day, I usually can go out and but whatever I ask for because I cant wait! ha!....but gifts are always fun!