Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Countdown.....2 days

Christmas is about tradition. I feel that it is the most traditional time of year. At least for me any ways. My traditions have changed over the year due to growing up, parents divorcing, parents remarrying, and great additions to the families. The old traditions have been replaced with new traditions. It is sometimes hard but in the end worth it. At 27 I have begun to think about what Christmas will be like when I have a family. What traditions will I have? I already have some ideas on traditions.

Since Christmas day is the day that we celebrate Jesus' birthday I would like to give him something. I would like to tell something that I would like to do for the next year to deepen my relationship with Jesus or show love to someone else. (Sort of like a New Years resolution.)

My mom use to ready The Night Before Christmas too us on Christmas Eve. I would like to start that tradition again. 

I would also like to read the story of Jesus' birth from Luke. 

I read on my blog friend Ashley's blog about making a Christmas wish for next year. I love that idea. I would like to do that too. 

What traditions would you like to start?

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Elizabeth said...

I am going to start to make gaols every year for meself...important for me to build to be a better person every year! Also make homemade Christmas cards too, every year!