Sunday, December 13, 2009

Most Memorable Gifts....

In my 27 years I can say that I have had some AWESOME gifts. I even have to admit as a child I probably got everything on my list each year. I was very blessed. So I could not call this the 5 best gifts, because in all actuality I don't remember getting bad gifts. So I am giving you my top 5 most memorable gifts that I thought of today. 

Cabbage Patch Kid....I got my first one at 3 or 4. I had tons more. I loved them. (This one looks almost just like my 1st one. Even with the same outfit. Minus the pig tails.)

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Mall Madness....Each year my sister and I each got a new board game that we would spend hours playing together. Mall Madness was always one of our favorites. 

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Trip to Chicago....When I was 16 my parents paid for me to go with my friend on spring break to visit her aunt in Chicago. We had a blast. I loved the city!!!!!

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Firebird....In 1999 my parents gave me a 2000 Black Firebird for Christmas. It was brand new and totally loaded. It was my senior year and I had received full paid scholarships so thats why I got such a great car. I named her Elvira. I love that car. In fact I still drive her 10 years later. :) 

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George Strait tickets....George Strait is my favorite male country singer of all times. When I was 21 my mom gave me tickets for Christmas. I took her and my sister. We had a blast. 

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Like I said before this is by no means a comprehensive list. 

What were some of your favorite gifts?

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Jessica Elizabeth said...

One year my brother and I got a ping pong table, that was pretty neat. We loved it!

Peterson Family said...

My husband bought me an antique locket and put our kids pics in it! I cherish it!

Great list!


OceanDreams said...

Yes! Cabbage Patch kids! The memories are all coming back to me now.

honza03 said...

That's so cool you drive a black Firebird :) Actually, one of my favorite gifts was a painting of my Camaro that my sister created few years ago... to stay in the firebird theme :)