Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Countdown....10 Days

Ok so yesterday I am not sure I knew what day is was because I thought there were 13 days left. I realize that there are 10 days till Christmas. So I better get done with my shopping and get on with my blogging.

Today is kind of random. I am giving you 5 gifts I am giving this year.

For my sister Valerie and Stewart (my future BIL) a frame that has the matte that can be signed by friends @ the wedding

For my 12 year old sister Madison a Scrapbook and all kinds of good stuff to go with it

For my Daddy an LSU shirt

For my step mom Joyce and my Mamaw a Comfy cute PJ's

For my nephew Justin Michael that is 5 an Art Set (He loves to cut, color, and paste)

So what are some things you are giving for Christmas?

**This post was supposed to be pretty with pictures but I am having so technical difficulties. Sorry


Elizabeth said...

yay for christmas!!! :-) I am still workong on all my shopping!

allie-mac-fallie said...

Well for starters I am got my husband (and myself ha!) racquets to play racquetball as well as some balls- I figured this would be a great gift to get our butts in gear to get in shape and also have fun! :)
For my mom a got a porcelain little individual tea pot, I also got her monogramed re-usable shopping bags with her initial on them (found at JCP for CHEAP- like 3 dollars for 2 bags, small and large!!)
I am having the HARDEST time figuring out what to get my dad for Christmas... hmmm any ideas???