Saturday, October 16, 2010


99% of the time I find myself thinking about the future---what it will look like, what I will be doing, who will still be around, and when will certain things happen. I worry today about tomorrow. I spend this week planning for next week. I spend this month wondering what will be different next month. I spend this year dreaming about next year. But there is 1% of the time. The small precent that I send reflecting on the past and wishing I could have the good old days back. Today for instant I am thinking back to the first days that I moved in here and all I had was a air mattress. It was simple, and I was great full. All the time I spend thinking about the past and the future I am missing out on the gift that I am given---the present. I spend no time thinking about the here and now. My priorities are all out of whack. I should spend 1% of the time thinking about the future and reflecting on the past. The other 99% of the time I should be focusing on what is going on right in front of my eyes.

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