Tuesday, October 19, 2010

2 Pieces of a Puzzle

Single ladies do you ever wonder about your future husband?
Married ladies do you remember the time before you met your husband? Did you fantasize about him?
I am a single lady that hasn't been on a date for almost 3 years. 
I often wonder about my future husband. 
I wonder what he is like. 
In the past I was drawn to men that tended to have the same qualities, and these qualities were not often the best qualities for me. 
Now that I am waiting on God to bring me my knight I get excited about the possibilities. 
I wonder what personality traits he will have. 
What will we have in common? What will be different?
I think it will be interesting to see what God thinks is important and what He knows I need. 
See I don't believe that opposites attract is the way to go or that we need our male equivalent in a mate. 
I think it is a combination of both. 
I see it like pieces of a puzzle. 
It is what you have in common that holds you together, but it is the things that are different that help you fit into the bigger picture. 

What do you think? Married ladies tell me the reality behind the connection with your husband. 

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Tiffany and the Munchkins said...

Reading this, I just realized something. I've been with my husband almost as long as I was without him. Wow! We met and started "dating" when I was 13. We have been together for just over 12 years. That is crazy!

As you can imagine, at 13 I wasn't really thinking or dreaming about a husband. It just sort of happened that we found each other. And as odd as it is to say, at 13, I knew I would marry him. I had no doubts whatsoever. Neither did he.

My husband and I are very alike in many ways but also different in several ways. We completely balance each other out. I 100% believe that two halves make a whole, especially in a marriage. He is my other half. Our strengths compliment the other's weaknesses. It really is a partnership and you are right, it is a lot like puzzle pieces.

Our relationship has always been very healthy. We weren't like the most common teenage couples who break up and get back together every week. We took our relationship very seriously. It was all or nothing for us. And I think a lot of that was that we both knew and still know that we are better together than we ever were apart. I am better person just for being married to him.

Just be patient. God has a plan for you and when the time is right, you will meet your other half.