Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Life Metaphor

Day 2 One Month To Live                                                                                                                         

I am still in the beginning of my journey, and I can already tell that I am going to be stretched and challenged. I have found myself analyzing everything I do and it's importance to my life. For example, I am on a break from school for the next two weeks. Which means I have a lot of free time. Next week I will be spending my extra time at my part time job earning some extra money (during school I only have time to work 2 days a week), but this week I planned spending my time resting. I have errands to run, a to-do list to scratch off, books to read, and sleep to catch up on. 

During my life group on Sunday, when we were first discussing the concepts of this journey, I immediately felt convicted about the time I spend each week catching up on my tv watching. I am so busy right now so I have already limited my tv watching to 2 shows a week. (Grey's Anatomy and The Office) I know that if I had 30 days left those shows would not be important. Yesterday and today my conviction has grown to include more things. I have been spending hours reading a series that I have already read 2x's before this (Twilight). My conviction has not been to not read it; it has been to not spend so much time reading it. My newest conviction as of this morning is a little bit harder to take in-sleeping late. I love sleep, and get excited about when I get to sleep in. Well I woke up this morning (late) and felt very guilty. I was reminded that if these were the last 30 days I would not be sleeping much at all. My point is day two is already stretching me. 

(Now on to the main point I want to share with you) The interesting thing that the study had me do yesterday is come up with a life metaphor. It had a couple of examples, but none seemed to fit so I did a google search for ideas. This is what I found:
  • A Battle - Everything is a competition or a struggle.  We are always either winning or losing.
  • A Garden - Relationships are cultivated like flowers or vegetables.  We see things as growing, flowering, producing.
  • A Mission - We believe that we have the truth and we need to convince others that our point-of-view is right. 
  • A Journey or an adventure - We travel from place to place meeting new people and exploring.
  • A Building - Starting with a solid foundation, then adding floors and rooms.
  • A Roller Coaster - Life consists of ups and downs, and we are along for the ride.
  • A Stained-glass window - full of light and colors. 
  • A Mountain Climb - Life consists of hierarchies.  We are always climbing the corporate ladder.
  • A Race - always finding the fastest route, "keeping up with the Jonses."
  • A Courtroom - Everything in life should be fair.
  • Stepping Stones - We barely get comfortable where we are before we are looking for better job or a bigger house.
  • A Prison - Feeling like we don't have choices, like others have all the power.
  • A Classroom - There are always new lessons to learn.
  • A Battery - Every encounter seems to drain energy.  We need the weekends to recharge.
I picked a classroom, because I try to find a lesson in everything. The authors suggested to find a picture that represented your metaphor and put it in different places to remind you of how you would like your outlook on life to be. What is your life metaphor?


Sonya said...

Cary, I love this post! I'm going to have to look a little more to tell you exactly which one I think I fall under! Is this a book that you are reading?

OceanDreams said...

I love your metaphors and good for you for limiting the TV, I do the same or just run out of time to watch some shows. Hmmm, a metaphor. I would say I am very much an ocean. Constant yet moody and mysterious at the same time. He he.

Kaz and Amy said...

I love your metaphors...I'm guilty of watching way too much tv myself...I just found your blog and love it! I'm now a follower!