Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving....Past, Present, Future

Typically Thanksgiving is not one of my favorite holidays. The past couple of years Thanksgiving was a horrible reminder of what horrible event had happened the year before. Last Thanksgiving I believe was a all time low of Thanksgiving disasters for me, so naturally I was a little nervous about Thanksgiving this year. Still things have changed so much over the past year for me, and to my delight I was also extremely excited about the holiday for the first time in years. This year I have SO much to be grateful for. I try to spend some time each day in thanks giving. I felt this year that I would actually spend the holiday doing what it was meant for. I am so happy to tell you that my Thanksgiving experiences have turned from bad to awesome!!! I had great food, fellowship, and fun. I enjoyed every moment of it. As I reflect on the changes in my life from last Thanksgiving to this one I am in awe of what God can do. I am also excited about what He is doing. Last year I was living in the dark, this year I am dancing daily in the light, and only God can know where I will be next year. There is something that I have learned from the past and the present that I will carry into the future; we were given God's grace even though we don't deserve it, and that grace is so magnificent and for that He deserves thanks everyday.

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