Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Christmas Spirit

Today I was sitting in church, the music was fabulous, the Spirit of God was around me, tears streamed down my face, and I had an amazing realization. This year is probably the first year that I have truly understood the Christmas Spirit. I love Christmas…always have. Even though in the past I start the season jolly by the time the day comes I am full of stress from the holiday hassle. On Christmas day I always just want to give, get, eat, and leave. This year it is much more than that. Yes there will be presents and eating, but that will not be all. I will be with family and friends celebrating what Christmas is all about….Jesus and that one day all those years ago when a baby was born. When the Savior came down from heaven to walk amongst us. It gives me chills just thinking of all the magic that happened there in that manger. So this Christmas I know that the Spirit doesn’t just last for a season, but It lives in my soul forever.

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