Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Salvation

I have spent a lot of time lately reflecting on my salvation and exactly when Jesus came into my heart. I walked down the isle and got dunked for the first time around age 12 I think. I was just going through the motions I think. At 20 I did the deal again. Weather you want to say I got saved or rededicated my life, something really changed that time. I knew Jesus was mine then. My life changed, and I dove in. Head over heals I was chasing after Christ. It was after I had started to consider surrendering to what I thought was God’s call that I did some of the worst things in my life. I did more than back slide. I turned and ran from God. I was living in the world and Satan was after my soul. After five years of battling, God brought me back. He picked up the pieces of my broken spirit and kissed my bleeding wounds. I rededicated my life to Him since then and want him to have my all. I have spent a great deal of time wondering how I could live the life style I lived with Jesus living in my heart? And I promise he was there during the bad parts, and I could feel his heart breaking. Well God helped me to figure that one out. At 20 I gave my life to Christ and believed he could save me, but I didn’t trust that he could or would handle all the rest. I spent a lot of time then struggling to build a relationship on something I didn’t understand. It took me going close to the fire pits of hell, forgetting all I believed, and feeling lost with no hope of finding my way back to really understand how big God is. I called out to Him in a moment of unbelief and He was there. He has been there the whole time, and He will always be there. What I realized is I had to hit rock bottom so that He could rescue me; so I could understand what it meant to be saved. Then I could begin to get the big picture. Now I know I owe it all to him. He gave me life, saved my life, and now I live for Him.

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