Sunday, October 21, 2012

Looking up to the Littlest One

This weekend was a big weekend. 
Homecoming and a pageant. 
My beautiful baby sister was a hit. 
She won Most Photogenic, Miss Congeniality, and Future Queen.
I am so proud of her, 
and I believe that I was more nervous than her. 
As each of the girls walked across the stage they read their bios.
Each one had been asked who their role model was. 
As I sat there listening to my sister's bio,
and realizing that she was way more than they could ever say,
I realized that she was my role model. 

When I was 15 I was insecure, confused, and influenced. 
Madison, at 15, knows who she is, who she will be, and influences people. 
She wanted to get in shape....she did. 
She wanted to be in a pageant....she was. 
And when she was not crowned queen,
 she was still smiling and loving the girls that did. 
She loves people. 
She loves Jesus.
She loves family.
She is smart, funny, and beautiful. 

I very much loved carrying her around on my hip.
I loved those nights when she actually let me rock her to sleep. 
I loved how she use to copy me.
I love when she outed my dad dressed up as Santa at the 4 year old Christmas party. 
(that was really funny)
But I am loving her being a teenager. 
She is easy to talk to and fun to be around. 
She also keeps me aware of the latest trends. 
I am also looking forward to her future
 and the great friend I know she will be. 

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