Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fear & His Friend

Well that little 4 letter word is back....
And this time it brought its friend anxiety
For the most part of my life,
I am easy going and care free. 
I can roll with the punches, and handle stress with a smile. 
But there are certain areas that I am a 
CONTROL FreaK!!!!!!!!
In parts of my life I am organized, diligent, and hard working. 
(I wish some of this would spill over into the other ares)
But I am not always in control. 
I often take responsibility for things that I don't have to 
because the small narcissistic part of my brain 
thinks things will go wrong if I don't take care of them. 
So as there are parts of my life that are changing
(despite my effort to keep them the same)
I have to give up control. 
So along with letting go of control I became anxious and fearful.
and at times unbearable
So the point of this post is simply one thing:
To let you know that I am feeling crazy right now. 
Fear and anxiety make me feel like I am losing my mind. 
I imaging that some of you can relate. 
Maybe some of you have figured this stuff out.
If you have please help a sister out. 
If not we can be crazy together. 

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