Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Harry Potter....The End

As you all know I am a huge Harry Potter fan.
I was in line with all of the other Harry Potter fans for the midnight showing.
I was actually 4th in line. (Yes I am that big of a fan.)
I was not dressed up, but I did have my wand. 
It was bitter sweet. 
I love the excitement of waiting in line on midnight for the first showing;
but as we sat there it was sad thinking it would be our last time in line for Harry Potter. 

The movie was great. 
You could hear a pin drop in the crowded theater. 
(One of the pluses of going at midnight is you get to see it with true fans.)
There were times when you could hear the entire theater sobbing. 
Overall I think that the movie was done very well. 
It was a great adaptation of the book, 
and I cannot think of anything that was left out. 
I am sad that the excitement is over.
At least the magic can live on forever in books and movies. 

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