Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Criminal Minds

I recently found a new love for Criminal Minds. 
As a matter of fact I stayed home Friday night for a marathon. 
There are a couple of reasons I love it:

1) I am counselor. 
I have a psychology background. 
I love the way the brain works. 
I love the way they solve the crime by learning how they think.
These people are so smart and brave. 
I mean I could just go one and one. 

2) Derek Morgan

3) Dr Spencer Reid

Need I say more?

4) Well I will say just one more reason.
If you have scene the show,
 you know that there is usually one character
 that has been through some traumatic event in their life.
It could be the victim or the perpetrator. 
The marathon I watched someone in the show was affected traumatically 
by a parent. 
I deal with this everyday with the kids I work with. 
Most of them have been affected by something that his/her parents have done. 
True maybe most of them are not as drastic as the ones on the show,
but sadly to say that some of them are. 
So I guess what I am trying to say is I get it. 

Do you like Criminal Minds?

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