Thursday, April 22, 2010

Once upon a time......

Once upon a time a long time ago in a faraway land lived a beautiful princess. The princess was the daughter of the most wonderful king that had ever ruled the land. He was kind, just, caring, loving, forgiving, patient, and very powerful. The king used his power only for good. Not only was he able to care for all the needs of all the people in the land, he also took care of all the needs of the princess. He let her know that he loved her, that she was beautiful, and she was special in every way. The princess was a very happy girl.

When the princess had reached a suitable age it became time for her to choose a prince. She was apprehensive about the whole process. Her parents had raised her with wisdom, and she knew in her heart that she wanted a man that held the same qualites as her father the king. One by one suitors came, but the princess found none worthy of her time. They were either arrogant, selfish, lazy, or held a number of other unattractive qualites. The princess was so discouraged.

After meeting many ineligiable suitors the princess decided that she would seek the advise of her mother the queen. The queen was a good mother, wife, woman, and ruler. She was caring, sensible, loving, knowledgeable, strong, and showed great dignity--virtuous in every way.
     The princess asked her mother, "My dear mother, how were you ever able to find a man as worthy of
     you as father?"

     The queen replied, "My darling daughter, I would not have been able to choose a husband on my own
     accord. I had to see the guidence of my father. My dear I suggest you do the same. You know your father
     loves you deeply. Go to him and ask him to help you find a prince as magnificant as he."

The princess returned to her chambers with much to think about. Her father had always acted in her best interest, protected her, and guided her in the right direction. It not seemed logical to her that she would allow him to choose her princess. She pondered why she had not thought of this before.

Immediatly the princess sought council with the king. As usual he agreed to see her right away. Just being in his presence the princess felt safe and secure. She knew it was wise to come to him. The security she felt allowed for all her dispare and worry to surface. She fell to her knees at the feet of her father and wept.
     "My father I have been searching for a prince that holds the same qualities that you do, but I have found  
     none. I am hopeless and fear that I may never find a husband that is as worth while as you. My king you 
     have never lead me wrong. I know that you love me unconditionally and desire the best for my life. Would
     you help me please? I cannot do this on my own."

     The king reached down for the princess and pulled her from the floor into his embrace. With a smile on his
     face he said, "My beloved daughter it has always been my desire to find a prince for you."

The princess was overjoyed. Her tears of pain turned to tears of relief there in her father's arms. As he dried her tears a question began to form in her mind.
     She asked, "Father, if it was always your wish to find my princess why did you not mention it to me

     "Because my love, I will never force my will on you. I only hope that you would and will turn to me. When
     you decide to surrender all you worries to me, I will take care of all of them down to the most minute
     detail. You should never have to worry about anything again."

The princess surrendered all her worries to the king at once. Not only did her present her with the most suitable husband when the time was right, but he gave her all the other pure desires of her heart. And she lived happily ever after.

"Delight yourself in the LORD and HE will give you the desires of your heart."
Psalms 37:4 

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OceanDreams said...

Aww I love this! So very sweet, honest, and certainly true! I felt like I was reading something I would have written or read before I met BK. God is a most wonderful King, a King of our heart. He will provide a wonderful prince for you girl! XO!

Kel said...

Did you write that? It was so beautiful and true! Thanks for sharing it!

Sonya said...

This is wonderful! You should be a writer!