Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

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Happy Halloween!!!!!

I will be honest. I am not really into Halloween that much. I do like dressing up, but my friends and I do that throughout the year. I was planning on going to a costume party tonight. I was going to be Pam from The Office. (I love that show.) My Mom is in town so my plans have changed. I really want to hang out with her. I miss her tons. 

I am at work now. Saturday's are slow in a small town flower shop. Special when today happens to be the opening day of deer season, and it is beautiful outside. I am not a hunter. I see Bambi in every deer. Secretly I do enjoy the product of the hunt.  

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I am enjoying Michael Buble's new cd Crazy Love. I heard it in Starbucks the other day and had to have it. So I just downloaded it. It is really good. It is him doing other popular songs. I recommend it. 

Today is a very special day for my family. My little sister in particularly. It is still a secret though so I can't give you all the fabulous details just yet,but I promise when I can I will spill it all!!!!! 

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Well I think that is all I have to ramble about this morning. I hope that everyone has a wonderful Halloween. Eat lots of candy for me. 

Until the whole world hears, 

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