Monday, February 20, 2012

The Hunger Games

I finally took a chance on the latest craze.
I don't know what my hesitation was. 
I bought the book at least 6 months ago, but was so resistant to read it.
Oh but I am so glad that I did. 
I loved it.
It was so different than anything I ever read.
It really gave me a chance to exercise my imagination. 
And of course I loved the love story in it. 
It was sweet but innocent. 
I am 1/2 through Catching Fire and I love it too. 
I can't wait for the movie!!!
Have you read it?
What did you think?


tara said...

hello!!! what took you SO long?! they are amazing!!

Sonya said...

LOVED this series! I can't wait for the movie!