Monday, August 8, 2011

Captain America

Not being a huge super hero fan, 
I had no clue what Captain America was about. 
So I went into the movie with an open mind. 
The movie had a lot going for it. 
I love the World War II area of American History. 
I love the whole concept of an American hero 
risking his life for the good of our country. 
I love hot guys, and I love me a good love story. 
I also love Tommy Lee Jones. He is amazing.
I love how dry he is. 
Durning the entire movie I was sure 
that I had been turned into a Captain American fan. 
I have to be honest I loved it till the end. 
It was not the ended I wanted or expected. 
I feel that it was left over for part 2,
so maybe I will be won over 100% in part 2. 
Did you see the movie?
What did you think?

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