Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Meet My Friend

I have this friend that is nothing short of amazing. I know that our relationship started out of divine intervention. I had known of her for a while...through church and other friends...we had even been introduced. I was having a time of feeling low and alone and God sparked a friendship. Now that we are friends it is more apparent each time we are together why God saw to it that our paths crossed. 

Peri is not only an amazing friend she is an amazing person and woman of God. She is an inspiration to many. I know she inspires me. She has a heart for service for God's people. Her dreams and desires are to help people and lead them to the Father. 

You know what else is great? She is a blogger!!! 

WORLD OF WONDER is  full of inspiration.

TRUTH BE TOLD is also inspiration but more specific to Codependency and living beyond it.

Check out Peri's blogs when you get a chance. You will be blessed and inspired!!!

1 comment:

OceanDreams said...

Aww glad you found such an amazing friend to love and be loved in return! Darling picture of the both of you.