Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm Lovin' It

Hello Lovies!!!!

Tonight is the big night!!!!!

I am so excited!!!! The shows for tonight are all sold out, but I have tickets for tomorrow!!!! Are you going to see it? Are you a Twi-hard and going to see it tonight or later? I will probably see it more than once. (Knowing me and my twi-hard friends)

I haven't done a what I'm lovin' post in a while so here goes. 

 I love this soap. It smells so good and leaves me feeling so fresh.

 These are soooooooo good. The orange chicken is my favorite. 

Popsicles...I've been living off these. The best part is that Wal Mart has a brand that all the colors are great. 

I love my Otter Box.

Fruit Roll Ups Variety Pack...I'm eating like a kid this summer!!!

So what are you lovin' right now?

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