Tuesday, August 12, 2014

PSA: Robin Williams & the Millions

The news of hearing of the death of Robin Williams was so sad. He was talented and I loved so many of his movies. Hearing the reports of his suicide were heart crushing. Death is never good news but learning of suicide seems 100xs worse. The death always feels personal-- knowing someone else lost the battle.

Mental illness is a battle just like cancer. There are many forms, no one choices it, there is no discrimination on who gets it, no treatment is right for everyone, some people are cured, some people are lost, and millions suffer. I don’t just know these things from book knowledge. I know them because I have fought the battle. I have been in a place like Robin Williams was. I believed that death was the only answer and I took steps in search of relief. Obviously my story does not have a fatal ending (Thank you LORD!!!) but so many do. And for them and their families my heart breaks.

Unfortunately there is a stigma that comes along with mental illness that inflicts more shame and diminishes the opportunities for someone to reach out and get help. There should be no added shame. Ostracizing people that suffer brings more death than life. It causes more pain and no healing. Sick people need treatment. People that are suffering need someone to reach out to. I have hope that mental illness won’t always been something to be ashamed of. If you know someone that suffers, be there for them. If you suffer, have courage reach out. Let’s make it harder for the world to lose another amazing person. 

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