Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Star and Tara are hosting this awesome link up and I had to join in!!!

I am SO excited about the premier
 and you better believe that I will be there at the midnight showing. 
We are going to get in line at 5 so we make sure we have good seats. 

I cannot wait to see when Edward first reads the babies thoughts. 
I loved that part in the book. 

I am team Edward 99% but there is that 1% of me that is team Jacob.

It is hard for me to pick a favorite book. 
I have read the saga 4 times 
and each time I loved another book the most. 
I guess it depends on where I am in life. 

I love all the major characters in the saga. 
When I read I form a bond with the characters.
 My Twilight Saga bonds are strong. 
I have to say that I relate the most to Bella. 
I have been blindly and hopelessly in love before. 
I got the heart ache and the pain she felt in New Moon. 
And her joy in Breaking Dawn fueled my hope. 

I love Twilight because it got me through a hard time in life and it reminded me of what a book nerd I was before I got to high school. It helped me to get in touch with my imagination again. 

My Twilight story started in 2008 with the release of the first movie. 
A friend wanted to see it for fun. I was so resistant but went anyway. 
I had heard my mom (an 8th grade English teacher) 
and my step sister (at that time an 8th grader) talk about the book, 
but I thought it sounded stupid. 
I did not understand the appeal of vampire high schoolers. 
I watched the movie and have to admit I thought it was CHEESY!!! 
But I was intrigued. I knew there had to be more to the story. 
I couldn't get it out of my head. 
After seeing it in theater 2 more times I knew I had to read the books. 
I borrowed them from my mom and read them in about 1 week and 1/2. 
I LOVED them.  
I immediately ordered the set online and read them again. 
I love the books so much. 
I love the movies too. The first movie is what hooked me.
I know I'll love this one too!!!!

Hope you ladies enjoy the movie. I can't wait to hear your reviews. 


tara said...

i am just SO excited for this movie!! hope it lives up to the book!

star said...

Team Edward 100%! lol! Please dont go all Jacob on me girl! Have fun at the midnight release!! Thank you so much for linking up!

Erin O'Riordan said...

I forgot about Edward reading the baby's thoughts. It's going to be interesting to see how they portray the whole pregnancy.

Ocean Dreams said...

I love New Moon as well for the same reason. I actually read it when I was going through a lot of heartache (with my ex.) You will find a wonderful guy so that's great that Breaking Dawn fueled your hope!