Sunday, May 22, 2011

Searching for Gaga or God?

In the last couple of days, due to an appearance on SNL, 
 Lady Gaga has come up several times in conversation. 
I have learned that Gaga fans find her inspiring. 
It is even said that she is the most influential celebrity of today.  
And the interesting thing to be is that is not because of her music. 
It is because of her message. 
She stands for acceptance of all people and being proud of who you are. 

In our world today people are searching. 
They won't to fit in, to feel good about themselves, to not be judged, and to not be alone. 
I feel sad for our society. 
I also makes me sad that when people think of "church"
 they think of the opposite of acceptance. 
They think judgment and damnation. 
That is exactly opposite of what Jesus call for the church to be. 
It makes me wonder what would our world be like if people found what they are looking for in the church?
What if they could find acceptance from God's people?
What if we stepped up and showed the world who Jesus really is?

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Sonya said...

Love this! I'm totally not a Gaga fan and it's sad that that's what people look up to.