Tuesday, July 9, 2013

One Body

I like when small things work together to make big things, for instance a choir, symphony, or dancers. I love when plants are arranged to make patterns. I enjoy the sounds and formations of a marching band, and I think those pictures that use hundreds of small pictures to make one big picture is super neat. Cheesy maybe, but I have to admit that some times these things bring tears to my eyes. I think that my fascination comes from the joining of things that can function completely on their own, and by this something greater is created.

This morning, on the interstate, I saw 2 lanes of traffic, one with 2 cars and the other with 3, merge together simultaneously. The 3 cars merged in between the 2 at the exact time making two lanes of traffic one lane in just the precise amount of time. The movement could not have been planned better. Now in this instance I did not cry, but it brought a smile to my face. Of course the visualization did not stop there. It sent my brain on a rampage. I started thinking about how God meant for Christians to come together to form the church. The Bible makes the analogy of us joining together to form the body. I love that imagery. (I could write an entire article on this alone but for now I will stay focused) 

In Romans 12:5 Paul says, “So in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.” He is saying that it takes all of us to form the body and the body needs each part to function properly. We were all created for a purpose within the body. If I am an eye all I can do is see and if you are an ear all you can do is hear. But together we hear AND see. When we are all doing our job together we compliment each other. Together, in Christ, we can accomplish great things. But my question is, “are we doing this?” 

Do we work together or against each other? Do I think everyone should see and you think everyone should hear? Far too often I think this sin filled world clouds our judgment with our selfish desires—our desire not God’s. We condemn and judge our brother and sister. We think our way is the only way and everyone else must be doing things wrong. We shout the faults of others publicly. Our words and actions breed less love and more hate. I know I am guilty of all these things and more. 

What good is all of this information if I can only see what is going on? (Maybe I am an eye) What I have trouble with is figuring out what to do with it. I need the rest of the body to help me. We need each other to be the church. No one can do it alone. So my question for you is “how can we start a movement to form ONE BODY?”

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