Friday, December 31, 2010

TOP 10's of 2010

2010 was AWESOME!!!!!
Let's review....

1) Mexico Mission Trip

2) Graduating with a Masters

3) Little Sister got Married

4) Maid of Honor.....and all the fun things that came along with it

5) Made AMAZING friends

6) Lots of great books read

7) Lots of great movies watched

8) Got my own place again!!!! And I LOVE IT!!!!

9) Bought a new car

10) Got my dream job

It was a great year!!!!!
A lot of great changes!!!!!

What awesome things happened to you in 2010?


Sonya said...

You had an AWESOME year! I have enjoyed getting to know you and we will have to work on meeting some time! Have a great 2011!

OceanDreams said...

sounds like an amazing year!! here's to a great 2011 too!